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Planet Jr. - May, 26, 2018 at 9pm

As the temps drop and the sky hangs grey, the mind invariably collapses inward, tightening, in need of a stretch, both physically and mentally. The psychedelic masters and sunshine gulpers, the Grateful Dead, have always proved a particularly magical band in the winter months. Pulling your mind into shape with warm elasticity and lush visions. Elmira/Corning based rockers Planet Jr. is your miracle ticket to Dead escapism and more this week. The local band combines a pulsing and honest take on the famous San Francisco beat nicks, while blasting original songs and other covers as well: soaring through setlists filled with progressive nuance and acid rock boldness. Planet Jr. sets up for a much needed strange trip this Saturday at The Dock, brining with them a collective that is deadicated, talented and unique. The band goes off in their own special way, but always stay true to the Deadís ultimate vision: creativity is key, and moments are eternal. Guitarist Jeff Sharp caught up with the Ithaca Times recently in anticipation of the gig. Hereís the lowdown.

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