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Rebecca and the Soul Shakers - April 27, 2018 at 9:00 pm

Featuring the powerhouse vocals of Rebecca Smith, Rebecca and the Soul Shakers serve up a tasty mix of rootsy, soul drenched tunes. The band's original material combines their love of all music, particularly rock inflected roots and southern soul music. In early 2015, the band released it's debut album, "You Should Be Living", a 12 track collection of original songs. Recorded in just 3 days at REP Studio in Ithaca, NY, engineered and recorded by Aaron Terkel and mixed by Nate Richardson of the Sim Redmond Band, the album showcases the songwriting ability of the band along with the strong vocal harmonies that have become one of the bands trademarks. Along with the band's original material, the band performs an eclectic catalog of cover material. Don't expect the obvious ,though. This isn't your typical classic rock or top 40 band. The current setlist includes songs by The Band, Joss Stone, Grace Potter, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, even the Grateful Dead and Dolly Parton show up. The Soul Shakers are always digging for buried treasures, soul classics and forgotten gems to add. At the heart of the band is Rebecca Smith. The small girl with a huge voice, Rebecca has been stunning audiences for years. Since her early days singing in Texas Honky Tonks and performing with Tops in Blue (the Air Force's entertainment troupe), Rebecca has been looking for the perfect outlet for her musical ability. The Soul Shakers band is her chance to really shine, writing and choosing songs that she connects with not just vocally, but emotionally as well. Always developing her craft, Rebecca has hit her stride with this band as a performer and songwriter. Joining Rebecca onstage are guitarist, writing partner and long time collaborator, Jim Smith. Inspired by his guitar heroes like Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton and of course, Jimi Hendrix, Jim adds solid rhythm with flourishes of fiery lead breaks. In addition to music, Jim and Rebecca have also teamed up as hubby and wife, producing their Greatest Hits, children Aaron and Aubrey. 13 year old Aaron even joins the Soul Shakers from time to time as a junior member, impressing crowds with his talent as a drummer. Keeping time is veteran drummer Duane Coe. Duane has been playing "Since Hector was knee high to a grasshopper", whatever that means. Bringing a strong foundation from jazz to old school country, the Soul Shakers has given Duane the chance to unleash his inner rocker. Watch out for his gorgeous cymbal work, which has earned him the nickname "The Wave" Recently, the Soul Shakers have expanded to a 7 piece band, including Dave Smith on keys, backing vocals and killer dance moves. Dave's busy schedule as a music teacher, choir director, performing musician and Dad keeps him crazy busy. Dave's instincts are truly incredible and his enthusiasm for the music is contagious. On bass, the one and only RC Nobles joined the band in 2015 and brings a whole new life to the rhythm section. RC has been playing since he was a kid and adds a totally unique dynamic to the the band, pulling all the moving parts together and keeping it funky. Rounding out the band are the Soul Shaker horns, husband and wife team Matt and Amanda Smith. Bringing an unbelievable amount of musical ability, Matt and Amanda also add vocals, percussion and more. Matt even hops on the bass when needed. No doubt, these guys are the icing on the cake. 7 musicians, 7 personalities that make for one unique band.>>

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